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Types of Breaks

Random Team Break

On a Random Team Break all teams are given a spot, for example in the NFL there are 32 teams, so for a NFL Random Team Break there would be 32 spots.  Each spot purchased will equal one NFL Team.  Once all 32 spots are filled you then randomize all 32 NFL teams as well as all 32 participants that entered the break.

Pre-Priced Team

For the Pre-Priced Team Break there is a pre-determined price for each team involved with’in the break.  For example, the Green Bay Packers might be $99 where the Atlanta Falcons could be $25, prices are based on the number of hits along with the big hit potential of the HOF’ers, Stars, and Rookies for that particular product.

Hit Draft

On a Hit Draft Break if there are 20 cards in a case you take all 20 participants and use the randomizer to set the draft order.  Whomever is in the first position after the random will get to pick first out of the 20 cards that have been opened, with 2nd, 3rd, and so on picking in numerical order until the 20th and final pick.

Live Auction Break

For a Live Auction Break all teams are started out at a set price and an auction is conducted in the room with a going once, going twice format with a countdown in the chat by the host from 10 down to 1.

Divisional Break

For a Divisional Break all Divisions for that sport are included.  You can do it random style or draft style both working the exact same as the before mentioned Random & Draft breaks.  As you can imagine whichever Division you end up will get you ownership of all teams in that division for that break.

Team Draft Break

On a Team Draft Break you get to plan GM in a sense.  The draft order is determined using a random with whomever finishes in the number one spot getting the first pick in the draft.


  • Bates is hands down the best breaker around. He's an honest breaker that ships fast and likes to have some fun during his breaks. I have never seen a breaker that takes care of his customers, from giveaways, free spots, and general hobby advice. Bates is a swell guy that pulls some Nasty hits.
  • I love buying break spots from Scott Bateson @ His breaks are a great way to get high end cards at a very reasonable price. And if you don't have luck hitting a Monster Card, they have so many giveaways of credit and product, it makes collecting so much better!
    K Jones