New York, NY, May 7th,  2015




The Topps Company is proud to announce the…


The Topps Asia Case Breaking Tour


GTS Distribution and Ripping Wax Inc. “,”




            Thursday, May 14th through Thursday, May 21st, GTS Distribution and Ripping Wax Inc “Scott Bateson’s” and “Nick and Mike Jasperson’s,” will be touring in Taipei, Taiwan, and Tokyo, Japan, in an effort to further expand and expose the rapidly growing case breaking industry to international collectors.


U.S Collectors will have a one week window to participate in team breaks, random breaks, multiple case breaks, and personal breaks for 2015 Asia Exclusive Topps products, as well as the opportunity to purchase previous year releases exclusive to the Asia Pacific market.


“ We’re very grateful to be given the opportunity to partner along with GTS and Topps to take this monumental leap forward in the case breaking industry. I couldn’t be more proud to be with the Ripping Wax team to watch as they represent the U.S case breaking industry  in expanding global market, all while having a good time ripping some wax.                              


                                                                                         -David Gelfman, President of RippingWax Inc.


            “We’re really excited about breaking live in Asia. This will be a fantastic opportunity for Ripping Wax Inc.’s NastyBreaks and Jaspy’s HobbyLand, together with Topps and GTS Distribution to share our love for the hobby with a new audience.”

-Mike Jasperson, Jaspy’s HobbyLand


                I am beyond excited to take Group Breaking to a whole new level with traveling to Asia to bring the awareness of what Group Breaking is and to also provide exclusive content to our current customers! Ripping Wax, Jaspy’s Hobbyland, and Nastybreaks teaming up with GTS Distribution and Topps will make for a very exciting and eventful experience.”


                                                                                          -Scott Bateson, Nastybreaks


These products are NOT available in the U.S.,

but can be purchased from May 14th through May 21st  through these breaks.


On this tour, Collectors will have access to (2) Asia Exclusive NEW RELEASE Topps products:

  • 2015 Topps Tier-1 Baseball (Asia Edition)
  • 2015 Bowman Baseball (Asia Edition)


and (2) additional Asia exclusive Topps products:


  • 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball (Asia Edition)
  • 2014 Topps Tier-1 Baseball (Asia Edition)


Pre-sale spots are available NOW for purchase through:


These live breaks can be viewed at: