The 44th National Sports Collectors Convention, the hobby’s greatest event and longest running event, wants to offer you the opportunity to put you and your business heads and tails above the emerging case breaking industry. As many of you are aware, our segment of the hobby is brand new; this means that if you are serious about case breaking, then you should realize the importance of impressing manufacturers, distributors, and your breaking customers, that your company is for real. When the National Sports Collectors Convention started in 1980, vintage dealers had the same opportunity that you have today, to be front and center at the most noted hobby event of the year.
The hobby corporate giants and the best collectors in the world look to the National and see the ninth National Case Break Pavilion. If it’s at the National, it must be for real. Amazon.com, our title sponsor, GTS sponsor of the Case Breaker’s exclusive lounge, Southern Hobby sponsor of the Case Break After Hours Reception, Panini, and Topps, all think it’s real. So do you think it’s for you? Breaking in front of 40,000 attendees, 45 major hobby corporations, 500 National hobby dealers, ESPN, Fox’s “A Piece of the Game”, and 6 other major media partners, just might be the difference of how the hobby looks at you? Were you there, can you claim that you are interested in growing the case breaking business? Because we are! The National Case Break Pavilion will be featured on ESPN TV, during a live break.
Limited space is available and you will be given a priority “1st right of refusal” for all future Nationals. We will guarantee a space before any other breaker can reserve a booth.
(can’t afford or don’t need to break all day, every day?)
Break for the entire National Convention
Tues 7/23 10AM through Sunday 7/28 5PM
Shared Full “Plug & Play” 10×10 Breaker Exhibit Booth w/carpet, full decorator package of 2 draped tables, 2 chairs, electric and wired internet.
All packages come with two (2) full Corporate Badges ($200 each value) full run to the National from Tuesday 9am (during dealer set up) through Sunday 5pm
* if your shared booth partner does not use his time, you can stay and break
If you would like to purchase a case break booth or for more information call or text: David Gelfman 917.881.8449 or email Ripping Wax at d[email protected]