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Call Or Text David Gelfman at 917-881-8449 or email Ripping Wax at [email protected]

44th Annual National Sports Collectors Convention
Case Break Pavilion


What: Tenth Ripping Wax Case Break Pavilion at the National

Please see case break pavilion hours below.

NOTE: On Wednesday 7/24 from 8pm-midnight, and Thursday 7/25 from 6pm-midnight, national attendees visiting the case break pavilion must enter through the side entrance and not from the National show floor. Attendees on the National show floor when the National closes, must exit to the show lobby then re-enter through the side entrance. Signs and show staff will help anyone needing assistance. After hours Case Break Pavilion admittance is free!



Giveaways: Come to the Case Break Pavilion to participate in giveaways, and free breaks


Breaker Benefits:

All Case Breakers will have access to the GTS Case Breaker Lounge
Known for its interactive innovations in the world of “breaking,” Ripping Wax is proud to announce the eighth National Case Breaking Pavilion. The Case Break Pavilion will be open starting on Tuesday July 23rd for even more case breaking fun!

Professional Grading Service PSA

The PSA grading booth will be located just outside the Case Break Pavilion on one of the bookends of the pavilion. Come get your cards graded and autographs authenticated.

Player & Celebrity Appearances on the Mike Berkus Main Stage in the Breaker Pavilion

The Mike Berkus Main Stage, named after the late co-founder of the National, will be host to many exciting case breaks throughout the entire show. In addition, there will be sports personalities, bringing the event to live video streams and social media to hundreds of thousands of households around the country. Ripping Wax will also have numerous FREE giveaways.

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Breaker Pavilion Information

While at the Breaker Pavilion, stop by the welcome table located in front of the main entrance. Ripping Wax’s friendly staff will be able to answer all of your questions and will be able to provide you with all the latest information.
This year’s Case Breaking Pavilion will be the most exciting one yet.  The spacious pavilion is completely “plug-and-play,” offering breakers full electrical and high-speed internet access and comfortable seating. This year we have more athletes, more famous personalities, and more breaks! The Main Stage itself will feature professional lighting and three surrounding 70-inch video screens complete with full audio. To find out about reserving a space in the Case Break Pavilion and strengthening your brand, call or text David Gelfman at 917.881.8449, or email Ripping Wax at [email protected]

Call or text David Gelfman at 917-881-8449 or email Ripping Wax at [email protected]

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